Saturday: Let's Talk About Sex

Women breaking barriers and changing the conversation around sex and sexual health. Featuring: Anna Margaret Holllyman, Actress (Sister Aimee, Maude, Don't Leave Home) Hannah Pearl Utt, co-creator Disengaged, Before You Know It Lauren Weiniger, Founder, SAFE Moderated by: Amy Emmerich, Head of Content, Refinery29

Start: Sat Jan 26th 12:30pm

End: Sat Jan 26th 1:30pm

Saturday: Après-Ski Cocktails

Start: Sat Jan 26th 4:00pm

End: Sat Jan 26th 6:00pm

Saturday: Screen Vision After Hours Party

Start: Sat Jan 26th 11:00pm

End: Sun Jan 27th 4:00am

Sunday: Winter Wellness Lounge

An escape from the cold and chaos of the festival, SAFE Space morning are the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate, and revive to welcome a new day. Brunch. Chill morning DJ. - Guided Meditation - Yoga - Mini Massages - ManiPedis Featuring: Healthy Juices and Elixirs from ROAR, Coffee and Teas, Natures Berries, Not Pot Chocolate, Hu Chocolate, Noosa Yogurt, Health Aid Kombucha

Start: Sun Jan 27th 10:00am

End: Sun Jan 27th 12:00pm

Sunday: Impact Salon - Advertising + Social Impact Summit

Start: Sun Jan 27th 2:00pm

End: Sun Jan 27th 4:00pm

Sunday: Après-Ski Cocktails

Start: Sun Jan 27th 4:00pm

End: Sun Jan 27th 6:00pm

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